Their glory days behind them, three warlords spend their twilight years on Laggard Hill, clutching to power and filling their time with empty disputes. Results may vary as they explore the unknown, engage in heists, meddle with humans and stave off retirement.
Scanned from paper drawings, the show is based on the comedy of Chicago native A.P. Laurenson, who also handles animation and voices. Stories are not connected between episodes, so jump in anywhere and enjoy the exploits of these monarchal misfits.

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ARN  •  The muscle of the group, and yet, the quietest and most even-tempered. Arn is the ultimate wingman, providing a much-needed centrist perspective. He’s usually complicit in the plans of his peers because he knows that if things go south, he’ll just rip the arms off whatever threatens him.
VIKAR  •  Impulsive and poor with words, the undead Vikar has a shadowy past and chronic urge to propagate his haphazard schemes. He detests humans, loves dogs, and boasts an impressive battlefield reputation that results in the exhausted tolerance of his colleagues. 
ROBERT  •  The most well-read and skeptical of the pack, Robert is rarely a catalyst for the group’s exploits but still participates in the hopes of beneficial results. Often serving as the moral compass, his motives are usually noble and rarely vindictive, with a prevailing interest in the pursuit of truth.